What the hell should I wear?

We often give kit advice, but not everybody agrees! So, who better to ask, than people who have done a HellRunner or 2!

Don’t forget, your HellRunner Buff and your HellRunner towel for clean up!


Alan Howson

Under Armour, running top & shorts for me …. last year I wore gloves for the first time and found them a great help.


Jon Strange

Less clothing the better. Everything gets wet and will weigh you down.

Tie your laces normally and don’t use gaffer tape. (if they do come off you’ll never get them back on)


Gary Smallman

Everything very thin and very tight plus gloves, if you get stuck in a bit of a queue going through the lake anything exposed is gonna feel it, and oh yer tie you shoes up nice and tight, have everyone I can’t wait, absolutely loved it last year


Steph Bloor

The less clothes the better. Skin dries quickly! I found gloves just got wet and very cold. Heel lock laces. And sing and laugh all the way round!


Michelle Allison

Don’t think about what you’re wearing just get on with it it is Hell after all 4th one some call me crazy.


Danni Lee

Tape your trainers to your feet with gaffer tape and DO NOT attempt to WALK/wade across Lucifer’s Lido… swim dammit!


Caz Bishop MQ

Less clothes and keep moving to keep warm, oh and definitely trail trainers.


Peter Leatherbarrow

Make double sure that your laces are tight…..the ‘Bog of Doom’ sucks……literally


Sandra Jones

Under Armour top and running tights.


Lee Nelson Haynes Trainers, shorts , T shirt ………….

Not to heavy when wet


Zo Payne

Bollock naked. (HellRunner: At your peril!)


Emma Gilson

Less is best !


Charlotte Cook

DO not wear a hooped skirt clown outfit. It is AWESOME when you need a pee (crouch down in your own tent!) but TERRIBLE drag thru the water, was almost impossible to get thru the bog of doom


Chris Fitzpatrick

Squirrel costume in 2012…chaff-age galore


Ian Holmes

Old skool Helly Hansen under a running vest, 3/4 length running tights reduces cuts to knees


Andy Gingell

Layers in all the right places, i.e. Keep the important bits of you warm.


Cristiano B Stuart

I was thinking Speedos for the bogs this year.