Tips from seasoned HellRunners 2

HellRunner is unique in that first timers are not sure what to expect.  There are no course maps mainly because the course changes every year, we even like to keep the returners guessing!

So inevitably newcomers have a mixture of feelings that usually include excitement and dread in equal measure.

Last year we asked our seasoned HellRunners, what advice they would give to first-time victims and they gave some great advice here and although we are not sure if it made newcomers more nervous or less, we decided to do it again.

Lawrence Crees

Just keep on going, push yourself when you feel you can without crashing n burning and enjoy it! Oh, and don’t plan too much else for the rest of the weekend

Ian Smith

Train on hills not treadmills as I heard one runner had trained on, no selfies, no makeup, be prepared to be battered and bruised but most of all there is a heaven at the end of hell. One of the best courses out there enjoy (thanks, Ian)

(HellRunner: You can take as many selfies as you want, and tag us in! #HellRunner)

Angie Garton

Train your mind as much as your body. Your head will tell you to slow down/walk, way before your legs tell you.

When you’re going through hell, keep going!!

Jane-Marie MacNeil

When you get to Lucifers lido and are in up to your neck, keep moving and try to keep your body in the water all the way through… otherwise you get used to being out and it kills you just as much going back under!! It’s the best race you’ll enter …enjoy it (Thanks, Jane-Marie)

Alan Howson

Work on your calf muscles weeks before.  Never jump into any of the mud pits, wade in slowly.  Lucifer’s Lido is very very cold – so get through it as fast as you can.

The bog of doom is really good as it’s near the end, so enjoy the experience.  Once you have that medal around your neck it is yours forever!! Enjoy

ClaireBob Adshead

Those hills

…train on hills, steep as you can find, and you’ll be fine! Loved the water it helped the muscles

Lewis Gregory

Don’t do it hungover my advice

Kevin McConnell

Prepare to smell for a week from the bog of doom.

Bog of doom water will seep out your pores for days.

And tape your laces up! Last for an hour, but helps

Donna Anken

This is a tough course, it was hell! However, that feeling after completing it is the best feeling in the world! Good luck

 Charley Crocker

By the time you feel finish, you will probably be frozen, with mud in places it shouldn’t be – Worth it for that medal!

David Cox

Take a dry pair of underpants for afterwards!

Chris Borderick

Learn to swim in your running shoes……

Darren McWalters

Don’t wear layers. Skin dries quicker than clothing.

Simon MacIver

Train your legs!!!

Zo Payne

Wear gloves.

Martin Palmer

It never washes out!