Some fiendish ways of getting people to say “yes” to HellRunner

Why it’s not hard to persuade some people that a day in Hell is a good idea, others might be a little bit harder to convince.

Why not be a little devil yourself and tell a few white lies? We have enlisted the help of the HellRunner community and they came up with some previously successful tactics.

  • I’ve found I nice little jaunt around some woods, it’s even got a cute name…’Hello runner’ – Lee Rooke
  • It’s basically just like two parkruns, but they have girls giving out energy gels halfway through. – Darren Williams
  • It’s not that hard because you’re like constantly changing gears to go up a hill, or jump over a tree or go through a puddle. -Carly Jackson
  • It’s only a half marathon – it’ll be a couple of hours max – Michelle Mortimor
  • It’s a trail run.. lovely cross country, be great to just ‘get out there!’ – Mark Stelmach
  • It’s like a muddy Parkrun. But with awesome music – Danny Mortimor
  • Hills? What hills? You know it’s halfway when they start giving you water, then it is all done hill from there…meet some angelswho feed you sweets, then sprint home for the best goodie bag ever (not a lie) easy Saturday morning! And if you are muddy (never happens) they have warm hot tubs standing by!  – Alan Smith
  • “I don’t know why it’s called Hell Runner, might just be the design of the medal, there’s a bit of mud and and a bit of water if it’s been raining but that’s it” – Daniel Britton
  • There’s not too many hills… just some upward bits and only a little bit of mud – Vickie Jackson
  • That the water is warm and not as deep as it looks. – Rob Hammond
  • It’s a bit like a gentle walk in the woods with like minded ramblers – Steve Pendegrass
  • You’ll be fine, honestly there a couple of inclines and the water is actually refreshing – Amanda Malam
  • It’s got some slight inclines & gradients!!! – Steve Waterman