PARAS’10 at HellRunner

We are delighted to announce “Support our Paras” as the official charity for Hell Down South

SUPPORT OUR PARAS is a charity which supports The Parachute Regiment through the welfare of serving soldiers and families and those affected by recent operations, and through the maintenance of its regimental efficiency, ethos, spirit and heritage.

SUPPORT OUR PARAS provides welfare assistance to serving soldiers and families to complement or fill the gaps in State provision, as well as supporting vital aspects of the Regiment’s daily life and history. This support includes:

  • Mobility equipment and disability conversion of vehicles and homes
  • Funding remedial courses to assist those recovering from wounds
  • Beds and home furnishings for families in distress
  • Funding vocational courses to assist soldiers in transitioning into civilian life
  • Funding sports equipment for the wounded and for Regimental teams
  • Funding Adventurous Training expeditions for serving troops
  • Assistance with travel and other costs in compassionate/distress cases
  • Preserving and making the Regiment’s heritage accessible to all
  • Memorials to those who have served


The Event

The PARAS’10 is a 10-mile endurance race based on The Parachute Regiment’s 10-miler from selection training. During test week, recruits are assessed across 8 separate events. The 10-mile march is the first event and is conducted over undulating terrain with each man ‘tabbing’ carrying a bergen weighing 35lbs plus water and a weapon. The march must be completed in 1 hour 50 minutes and it is this event that forms the basis of the PARAS’10.

This year the PARAS’10 will be titled The PARAS’10 at HellRunner, and will take place alongside HellRunner at Longmoor Camp on November 18th 2017.  Any HellRunner’s looking to take on the PARAS’10, please note it is the same course on the same day and the rewards including Medal and T-shirt would be PARAS’10 and not HellRunner branded.

There are 2 entry options:

09:45 PARAS’10 TAB

The TAB runners will wear boots and carry a 35lb pack.  TAB stands for Tactical Advance to Battle. The origins are in airborne troops landing on a drop-zone which could be miles from the enemy or even behind enemy lines. Without support vehicles, Paras must carry all their equipment, rations and weapons.

9:50 PARAS’10 without TAB

The entry price for both events is £39.00