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Road to Hell (up North) – Week 9

If you are still following the plan, here is week 9, at this stage you are probably ready for anything… If you’ve not, good luck!HellRunner Training Plan

Tips from seasoned HellRunners!

We asked some seasoned HellRunners what advice they would give to victims that were taking on the hellish course for the first time.

Here is a selection of the best responses, which may (or may not) make your date with the devil a little bit easier!

Anthony Howe

Remember the first law of Hellrunner – what goes down must go up (usually almost immediately and very steeply)

Sarah Jeory

Ideally grow some claws, but failing that Grippy grippy shoes and some upper body strength required.

Lucy Wilson

Laugh and smile…even when you feel like crying, it gets you through .

Rob Hammond 

Wear merino wool socks! They’ll still keep your feet warm when wet. (and even though I know this I still forget every time!!!!!)

Claire Dalton-Weber

Don’t under estimate it!! Hardest race I’ve ever done!!

Andy Richman

Definitely train for it , don’t just turn up and hope for the best

Shane Kirrane

Practice swimming. Train and be prepared for a little cramp. But enjoy it’s a blast.

Charlotte Cook

Jump two footed into every puddle and splash as many people as you can. They love it ;-)

Take Charlottes advice at your peril!

Steven Napalm Parish 

Practice your swim stroke

Lesley Nilsson Perry 

You must have a huge sense of humour

Caz Bishop

Trail trainers. dry robe and train for it

Natty Dredd 

Embrace the pain!

And Finally

Crispy Gaskin 


Road to Hell (up North) – Week 7

Just 4 weeks to go! Now we are really pushing on!

Need motivation, just remember the “Hills of Hell” are waiting!


HellRunner Training Plan Week 7

Bog of Doom

Road to Hell (up North) – Week 5

Halfway through the plan, well done!  Now it’s time to take it down a notch….. just kidding, this leg session is a hell of a workout.  The run is a little longer and we can build some speed endurance with a hard park run effort.

HellRunner Training Plan

Road to Hell (up North) – Week 4

Week four ramps it up again.  The strength training and hills should be starting to pay off by now.  Again feel free to mix it up or add to this plan depending on your objectives.


Screen shot 2015-08-07 at 15.42.57

Road to Hell (up North) – Week 3

Only 8 Weeks to go so time to up the training a bit.  We have added distance to the run and added a hill session to get you prepared for the “Hills of Hell”.  The run following your hill session will test running on fatigued legs, which will come in very handy in October.

Don’t be afraid to chop and change the days if you need to and if you feel up to it swap a rest day for an easy run.


Road to Hell (up North) – Week 2

With 9 weeks to go until Hell up North it’s time to step it up a bit.  This is a beginners plan so feel free to add to it and most seasoned runners should be able to jump in at week 2 with no issues.

Road to Hell Week 2

Put the work in now and make going through Hell a little easier on October 15th!


10 Week Road to Hell (up North)!

There are only 10 weeks to go till Hell up North, the UK’s toughest Half Marathon!

The team at HellRunner HQ have devised this Hellish plan to guide you down the “Road to Hell”

So without further ado, here is week 1!


Each week will chop, change and add, to ensure you improve week on week. This current plan for example, is for someone who is a beginner. If you feel this is too easy for you, by all means add mileage or add sets.

Good luck!