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Hell Up North – Update

Race Packs for all those who entered Hell up North online before 10:00 am last Friday have had their race packs sent out. Entrants after this point, plus ALL entrants for the Little Devils Fun Run, will be required to collect their race packs on the morning of the event.


For any race pack queries please email before 18:00hrs this Friday.


Hell Up North – Race Pack Update

Hell Up North race packs are being prepared and the first ones will leave HellRunner HQ tomorrow (Monday)

If you registered after Monday 24th September, you pack will be sent out in the next run, early the following week.

Please leave ample time, but if you have not received your pack on the Wednesday before the event, please get in touch.

Little Devils need to collect numbers on the day.

The future of HellRunner has just been ‘ratified’!

With our 2018 events still to come, we wanted to share some hugely exciting news about 2019 and beyond. HellRunner is about to become the Rat Race HellRunner as a result of the acquisition of the events by Rat Race.

Rat Race is the UK’s largest adventure event operator and has catered for more than 1,000,000 customers in nearly 15 years of being in business. Rat Race events are aspirational yet attainable and fun-focused — and thousands reach the finish line every year. The company also recently announced its global expansion with its 2019 Bucket List series — a range of extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime adventures in ‘out there’ locations around the globe.

Their long-term commitment to HellRunner will bring exciting developments and the HellRunner organisational team, who will still be fully involved in the Rat Race HellRunner Series, will be looking forward to bringing further news about 2019 in the near future. Find out more in their acquisition announcement here.

Some fiendish ways of getting people to say “yes” to HellRunner

Why it’s not hard to persuade some people that a day in Hell is a good idea, others might be a little bit harder to convince.

Why not be a little devil yourself and tell a few white lies? We have enlisted the help of the HellRunner community and they came up with some previously successful tactics.

  • I’ve found I nice little jaunt around some woods, it’s even got a cute name…’Hello runner’ – Lee Rooke
  • It’s basically just like two parkruns, but they have girls giving out energy gels halfway through. – Darren Williams
  • It’s not that hard because you’re like constantly changing gears to go up a hill, or jump over a tree or go through a puddle. -Carly Jackson
  • It’s only a half marathon – it’ll be a couple of hours max – Michelle Mortimor
  • It’s a trail run.. lovely cross country, be great to just ‘get out there!’ – Mark Stelmach
  • It’s like a muddy Parkrun. But with awesome music – Danny Mortimor
  • Hills? What hills? You know it’s halfway when they start giving you water, then it is all done hill from there…meet some angelswho feed you sweets, then sprint home for the best goodie bag ever (not a lie) easy Saturday morning! And if you are muddy (never happens) they have warm hot tubs standing by!  – Alan Smith
  • “I don’t know why it’s called Hell Runner, might just be the design of the medal, there’s a bit of mud and and a bit of water if it’s been raining but that’s it” – Daniel Britton
  • There’s not too many hills… just some upward bits and only a little bit of mud – Vickie Jackson
  • That the water is warm and not as deep as it looks. – Rob Hammond
  • It’s a bit like a gentle walk in the woods with like minded ramblers – Steve Pendegrass
  • You’ll be fine, honestly there a couple of inclines and the water is actually refreshing – Amanda Malam
  • It’s got some slight inclines & gradients!!! – Steve Waterman

Meet the Claire House HellRunners

It is just 3 months to go until Hell Up North and the Claire House HellRunner team have officially starting prepping for it!

With individuals from all across the hospice taking part, including fundraisers, care staff and our Chief Executive, this is going to be a challenge many will not not want to miss.

Some of Claire House’s team are regular competitors, having taken part in HellRunner or other races in the past, while for some October 13th will be the first time they will traipse through the Bog of Doom. Everyone at the hospice will be rooting for them and cannot wait to see how muddy they all get.

The Claire House HellRunner Team:


From left to right: Jess M, David, Jess C, Sophie, Hayley


Role: Chief Executive

Current Fitness Level: ‘credible’ (I am running the Snowdon Half Marathon this weekend) but am I tall enough to avoid the need for a snorkel?

Experience: I have a decent level of experience – 10 marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro twice, been to Everest base camp and countless other silly challenges. I draw the line at being electrocuted, so Tough Mudder is not for me!


Role: Trusts Fundraiser

Current Fitness Level: Average, I am more of a gym-goer and yoga-doer, rather than a crazy hill runner!

Experience: I have never done an event like this before, a complete newbie to HellRunner.

Jess C

Role: Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser

Current Fitness Level: I wouldn’t say I am unfit but I definitely need to get some more training in before October! I’d describe myself as a happy 5K runner and I like going jogging with my dog a couple of times a week.

Experience: A group of us from work took on a 12-hour cycle/kayak/mountain walk in Snowdonia last year which was lots of fun and two years ago we did Tough Mudder. I loved both challenges but there wasn’t that much running involved so I’m excited to see how I cope with HellRunner!


Role: Clinical Services Administrator

Current Fitness Level: Above average and exercise regularly.

Experience: Experience of running/ challenge events… Err I’m a bit mental. Challenge events include Beat the Builder and HellRunner. Running events include triathlons, 5k – Marathons, Tour of Merseyside (52 Mile across 6 races in 1 week), Whistle Stop tour (26 miles across 3 days).

Jess M

Role: Fundraising Receptionist

Current Fitness Level: My current fitness level is ‘a person who can go for a nice leisurely walk and then stop for cake’. I am moderately fit as I have a 3 year old, but like cake too much.

Experience:  HellRunner is completely new to me and my very first ever challenge. I actually used to be a very keen runner, went to the gym, and did army style ‘drill’ training, this was a good couple of years ago though. I am now more into a spot of yoga (and cake).


Role: Running and Challenge Fundraiser

Current Fitness Level: I think my level is a solid 5 (distinctly average).

Experience: I do run but for me to do over 6 miles is quite rare! The longest competitive run I have done is a 10k, so HellRunner will be a new level of challenge for me.


As the official charity partner for Hell Up North, Claire House would like to say a big “Thank You” to everyone taking part and good luck in their training.

Next stop for the team is taking part in Claire Bear’s Boot Camp. We will keep you updated on how they do.

How can you get involved with Claire House?

Would you like to show your support for Claire House and take on one of the toughest half marathons out there? You can easily sign up now for a free VIP place with Claire House. Remember you only have 3 months left, so do not miss out if you are thinking about taking part.


PARAS’10 @ HellRunner returns for 2018!

We are delighted to announce that the PARAS’10 will return to Hell Down South in 2018!

2017 played host to the inaugural PARAS’10 at HellRunner.  The positive feedback received was amazing but no more amazing that all those that completed the gruelling course with a 35lb bergen.

img_0472_24695270458_o img_2797_24695252638_o


The Event

The PARAS’10 is a 10-mile endurance race based on The Parachute Regiment’s 10-miler from selection training. During test week, recruits are assessed across 8 separate events. The 10-mile march is the first event and is conducted over undulating terrain with each man ‘tabbing’ carrying a bergen weighing 35lbs plus water and a weapon. The march must be completed in 1 hour 50 minutes and it is this event that forms the basis of the PARAS’10.

This year the PARAS’10 will be titled The PARAS’10 at HellRunner, and will take place alongside HellRunner at Longmoor Camp on November 24th 2018.  The Paras’ 10 course route will  be identical to that of HellRunner itself and include the infamous Lucifer’s Lido, Satan’s Swamp, Hills of Hell and event-ending Bog of Doom just ahead of the acclaimed finish-line rewards of a medal, tee-shirt and de-luxe goody bag

There are 2 entry options:

09:45 PARAS’10 TAB

The TAB runners will wear boots and carry a 35lb pack.  TAB stands for Tactical Advance to Battle. The origins are in airborne troops landing on a drop-zone which could be miles from the enemy or even behind enemy lines. Without support vehicles, Paras must carry all their equipment, rations and weapons.

9:50 PARAS’10 without TAB

The entry price for both events is £39.00

Enter now

img_4461_24695233778_o img_4216_24695240068_o

SUPPORT OUR PARAS is a charity which supports The Parachute Regiment through the welfare of serving soldiers and families and those affected by recent operations, and through the maintenance of its regimental efficiency, ethos, spirit and heritage.

SUPPORT OUR PARAS provides welfare assistance to serving soldiers and families to complement or fill the gaps in State provision, as well as supporting vital aspects of the Regiment’s daily life and history. This support includes:

  • Mobility equipment and disability conversion of vehicles and homes
  • Funding remedial courses to assist those recovering from wounds
  • Beds and home furnishings for families in distress
  • Funding vocational courses to assist soldiers in transitioning into civilian life
  • Funding sports equipment for the wounded and for Regimental teams
  • Funding Adventurous Training expeditions for serving troops
  • Assistance with travel and other costs in compassionate/distress cases
  • Preserving and making the Regiment’s heritage accessible to all
  • Memorials to those who have served

Claire House announced as official charity partner

HellRunner are delighted to announce that Claire House is our new official charity partner! 

Claire House, the local children’s hospice for Cheshire, Wirral and Merseyside, helps seriously and terminally ill children live life to the full by creating wonderful experiences and bringing back a sense of normality to family life. By providing specialist nursing care and emotional support they help families smile again when life couldn’t get any tougher. 

If the worst happens and a child comes to the end of their life, they can spend their last days with all their home comforts at Claire House, or be cared for at home with the support of our nurses. After they pass away, the hospice becomes a place where family and friends can be together whilst receiving emotional support for as long as they need it. 

In 2017 322 children spent time at Claire House. For every child and family who are getting their help,another struggles on alone. You can help them to reach every child who needs them by choosing to run for Claire House.

How can you help Claire House?
Please take time to be inspired by watching this short video here:


As official charity partner for HellRunner Up North, Claire House have 25 VIP Wave 1 guaranteed places! If you pledge to raise just £175 for Claire House, they’d love to have you in their HellRunner Team. 

Click here or contact to secure your place and / or a fundraising pack.
Hellrunner runners

What the hell should I wear?

We often give kit advice, but not everybody agrees! So, who better to ask, than people who have done a HellRunner or 2!

Don’t forget, your HellRunner Buff and your HellRunner towel for clean up!


Alan Howson

Under Armour, running top & shorts for me …. last year I wore gloves for the first time and found them a great help.


Jon Strange

Less clothing the better. Everything gets wet and will weigh you down.

Tie your laces normally and don’t use gaffer tape. (if they do come off you’ll never get them back on)


Gary Smallman

Everything very thin and very tight plus gloves, if you get stuck in a bit of a queue going through the lake anything exposed is gonna feel it, and oh yer tie you shoes up nice and tight, have everyone I can’t wait, absolutely loved it last year


Steph Bloor

The less clothes the better. Skin dries quickly! I found gloves just got wet and very cold. Heel lock laces. And sing and laugh all the way round!


Michelle Allison

Don’t think about what you’re wearing just get on with it it is Hell after all 4th one some call me crazy.


Danni Lee

Tape your trainers to your feet with gaffer tape and DO NOT attempt to WALK/wade across Lucifer’s Lido… swim dammit!


Caz Bishop MQ

Less clothes and keep moving to keep warm, oh and definitely trail trainers.


Peter Leatherbarrow

Make double sure that your laces are tight…..the ‘Bog of Doom’ sucks……literally


Sandra Jones

Under Armour top and running tights.


Lee Nelson Haynes Trainers, shorts , T shirt ………….

Not to heavy when wet


Zo Payne

Bollock naked. (HellRunner: At your peril!)


Emma Gilson

Less is best !


Charlotte Cook

DO not wear a hooped skirt clown outfit. It is AWESOME when you need a pee (crouch down in your own tent!) but TERRIBLE drag thru the water, was almost impossible to get thru the bog of doom


Chris Fitzpatrick

Squirrel costume in 2012…chaff-age galore


Ian Holmes

Old skool Helly Hansen under a running vest, 3/4 length running tights reduces cuts to knees


Andy Gingell

Layers in all the right places, i.e. Keep the important bits of you warm.


Cristiano B Stuart

I was thinking Speedos for the bogs this year.

HellRunners in the Bog of Doom

Tips from seasoned HellRunners 2

HellRunner is unique in that first timers are not sure what to expect.  There are no course maps mainly because the course changes every year, we even like to keep the returners guessing!

So inevitably newcomers have a mixture of feelings that usually include excitement and dread in equal measure.

Last year we asked our seasoned HellRunners, what advice they would give to first-time victims and they gave some great advice here and although we are not sure if it made newcomers more nervous or less, we decided to do it again.

Lawrence Crees

Just keep on going, push yourself when you feel you can without crashing n burning and enjoy it! Oh, and don’t plan too much else for the rest of the weekend

Ian Smith

Train on hills not treadmills as I heard one runner had trained on, no selfies, no makeup, be prepared to be battered and bruised but most of all there is a heaven at the end of hell. One of the best courses out there enjoy (thanks, Ian)

(HellRunner: You can take as many selfies as you want, and tag us in! #HellRunner)

Angie Garton

Train your mind as much as your body. Your head will tell you to slow down/walk, way before your legs tell you.

When you’re going through hell, keep going!!

Jane-Marie MacNeil

When you get to Lucifers lido and are in up to your neck, keep moving and try to keep your body in the water all the way through… otherwise you get used to being out and it kills you just as much going back under!! It’s the best race you’ll enter …enjoy it (Thanks, Jane-Marie)

Alan Howson

Work on your calf muscles weeks before.  Never jump into any of the mud pits, wade in slowly.  Lucifer’s Lido is very very cold – so get through it as fast as you can.

The bog of doom is really good as it’s near the end, so enjoy the experience.  Once you have that medal around your neck it is yours forever!! Enjoy

ClaireBob Adshead

Those hills

…train on hills, steep as you can find, and you’ll be fine! Loved the water it helped the muscles

Lewis Gregory

Don’t do it hungover my advice

Kevin McConnell

Prepare to smell for a week from the bog of doom.

Bog of doom water will seep out your pores for days.

And tape your laces up! Last for an hour, but helps

Donna Anken

This is a tough course, it was hell! However, that feeling after completing it is the best feeling in the world! Good luck

 Charley Crocker

By the time you feel finish, you will probably be frozen, with mud in places it shouldn’t be – Worth it for that medal!

David Cox

Take a dry pair of underpants for afterwards!

Chris Borderick

Learn to swim in your running shoes……

Darren McWalters

Don’t wear layers. Skin dries quicker than clothing.

Simon MacIver

Train your legs!!!

Zo Payne

Wear gloves.

Martin Palmer

It never washes out!