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Point of view video of Hell Down South Bog of Doom

For those that have done HellRunner before, the below clip may bring back some horrifying memories and for those that have never tried it. This is a little taste of what’s in store.

The following video is by 2015 Hell Down South participant Paul Haynes. It shows, in full, the Bog of Doom in all its terrifying glory.

Warning! There is lots of excessive shouting.

5 of the best ‘HellRunning’ shoes

Signed up to Hell in the Chilts? Here’s 5 of the latest trail shoes to help you combat the climbs, mud and bogs

The decision whether to buy a new pair of shoes to wear for HellRunner is a difficult one. The decision which pair of shoes to buy is ever harder…

When considering buying a shiny new pair of trail shoes to wear for HellRunner, the rational (and savvy) part of your consciousness will tell you: ‘that’s ridiculous, they’ll get wrecked and end up in the bin.’ But if you’ve run HellRunner before past experience will tell you otherwise. Yes, your shoes may end up a little on the muddy, sodden (and smelly side), but they are undoubtedly the most essential piece of kit in ensuring you hit the HellRunner trails running.

Muddy, gnarly, sandy and hilly, our HellRunner trails are relentless. Couple the trails with waist-deep bogs and you’ll not only need a pair of shoes that are sturdy with a reliable grip, but a pair that are lightweight and offer a certain degree of water-resistance to ensure you’re not weighed down in bog water three miles in…

Here are five of the latest trail and obstacle racing shoes we recommend for HellRunner. If you’ve run HellRunner before you know you’ll be thankful for them come race day.

Inov-8 X-Talon 200


The latest shoe in Inov-8’s X-Talon range, this shoe offers an aggressive outsole, perfecting for gripping muddy and soft terrain. With a 3mm heel-to-toe drop, this shoe is minimal and lightweight. Its lightweight design (just 200g) and breathable mesh forefoot come together to offer quick water drainage to ensure you’re not weighed down by hellish waters. Where the X-Talon 195 is narrow, this model is more spacious in the toe box adding extra comfort across HellRunner’s lengthy distances.

Unisex design

RRP: £100

Merrell Allout Charge


New for SS15, Merell’s new Allout Charge is a bulkier shoe offering great protection and a sturdy grip. The mixed-shaped lugs offer durable traction on mixed terrain, whilst the air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability for a comfortable and well protected ride. However, whilst supportive, its sturdy design may not be the best choice if you’re looking to go at HellRunner with speed.

Men’s/Women’s designs available

RRP: £95

Brooks Pure Grit 3

pure grit

A new addition to Brooks’ PureProject range, the Brooks Pure Grit 3 offers a great balance of support and durability. Whilst the shoe has a minimalist design (4mm drop) promoting a natural running style, and has a lightweight fit, the Nav Band is designed to secure the foot in place to keep your foot well supported. The ultralight mesh offers breathability (so will air out nicely after wading through HellRunner’s relentless bogs) and its sturdy outsole offers a good grip across mixed terrain. A toe guard is also a great feature, providing protection and added traction when the trails get steep – perfect for our hellish climbs.

Men’s/Women’s designs available

RRP: £100

Inov-8 Mudclaw 300



Inov-8’s new Mudclaw 300 is tailored for the toughest off trail events. The aggressively pointed outsole provides the ultimate orienteering platform, offering a consistent grip across all terrain. Its synthetic upper offers light-weight support and complete durability, allowing you to breeze through HellRunner’s tough terrains at speed!

Men’s design

RRP: £64.99

Salomon Fellraiser


Inspired by Salomon’s S-LAB Fellcross 2, the new Fellraiser shoe has been designed specifically for the obstacle and trail racer. The multi-directional lugs in the outsole dynamically tackle all terrains and the low to ground fit offers extra stability across uneven surfaces. A fast-drying shoe, its ideal for racing in muddy and wet conditions and the ultimate shoe to take on HellRunner’s wet terrain.

Men’s/Women’s design available

RRP: £81.00

Hell Runner Website 2015


Welome to our brand new HellRunner website. We hope that it will be a fun, informative place for you and your running friends to come and visit and to enter some of the UK’s most unique and enjoyable running experiences. We would love to hear what you think about the new site. Let us know with a simple click below.

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Video: Hell Down South 2015

When the going gets tough the tough get going…and the smiles keep coming. That is, if you are Team Danger Mouse! So how they were all dressed up and ready to rock at last month’s Hell Down South.

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Tom Tries Hell Runner


Imagine 10.5 miles of mud, steep terrain, and bogs – bogs so cold that you feared for your manhood when you came out the other end. Imagine that and I welcome you to HellRunner.

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