6 Reasons to attempt a HellRunner

You might think a HellRunner looks like a day spent going through hell, and you would be right, BUT they are also a lot of fun! HellRunner’s come back for more year after year, why you ask….

1. Variety

 It’s not all Bog’s and pits! HellRunner is a combination of great trails, tough hills and water features.  It never becomes tedious, there’s always something around the corner.  Our course director is always looking for new fiendishly challenging routes, so no two HellRunners will ever be the same!

2. You don’t need to worry about PB’s….

 Getting to the finish is an achievement in itself and because we are always changing the course you will never have a PB to beat, also Hell down South can be anywhere between 9.5 and 12 miles and we’ll never reveal which! Hell up North is a half marathon, but you may be better advised setting a PB on a road run!

3. There no “I” in team

Due to the fact that not many people come for a PB, teams and friends tend to stick together! It’s double fun as you get to help each other out, or even better take joy when your team members head face first into the “Bog of Doom”, who would want to miss that?!  Team entry price is also heavenly, more people, bigger discounts.

4. The photos are epic!

We have all had terrible finish line pictures when we say to ourselves “Do I really look like that when I run?” Well, our course photographers set up at the “Bog of Doom” and “Lucifers Lido” and take awesome pictures of you covered head to toe in mud and forcing a smile as you wade through a freezing bog! Great for sharing!

5. Great goodies

We get great feedback on our medal and T-shirt and our goody bag is the stuff of legend.  A banana and a few leaflets?! Not us… some actually goodies like Clif Bar and tasty Kabuto Noodles

6. A New distance, means something for everyone

Some people already know how much fun a HellRunner would be, but the distance can be a bit intimidating.  For that reason, we have launched Valhalla.  Same day, same bog but a new devilishly distance at 6.66km, perfect for Parkrunners!